Pub and Restaurant Leaders share their golden nuggets of wisdom

Pub and Restaurant Leaders share their golden nuggets of wisdom

The Casual Dining Show has once again impressed its visitors with an extensive range of exhibitors and fascinating keynote speakers. This year pub and restaurant leaders ended up sharing the best advice they’ve ever received:

Susan Chappell, divisional director / exec co, Mitchells & Butlers:

Do a job you love, as long as it gives you enough money to do the things you need to do. Life is too short to do something you don’t.

James Spragg, COO, Casual Dining Group:

You cannot decline efficiently.

Zoe Bowley, UK & Ireland MD, Pizza Express:

Think about what or who could put you out of business and use it as your competitive advantage to think differently.

Joe Knight, CEO, Jamie Oliver Restaurant Group:

It’s better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission!

Chris Hill, CEO, The New World Trading CO:

Only worry about the things you can change.

Alexander Salussolia, MD, Glendola Leisure Group:

It’s greater skill knowing when and how to exit a poor performing site, than it is to acquire new sites!

Anthony Bennett, head of food, Loungers:

In 2013 I spent some time at the legendary Arzak in San Sebastian, Spain, with Juan Mari Arzak and his daughter Elena, who at the time was the world’s number one female Chef. Speaking with Juan Mari he said that his mother said three things to him when he was starting out:

Make the things you cook as good as possible.  Be passionate with everything you cook.  Be very humble.

That really resonated with me, he then directed a knowledgeable statement specifically to me that has stuck with me ever since and I almost hear him saying it in the back of my head every day!!

Antony… What you can copy is the technique, not the concept. To copy is nonsense; the point of cooking you cannot transmit exactly. If I gave you the same recipes to follow the result will be different. But remember the technique and adapt it for yourself…

Glen Evans, head of food development, Las Iguanas & La Tasca:

Think about my reactions before I react.

Brian Keeley-Whiting, MD, Whiting & Hammond:

How you leave is how you get remembered (Anton Edelmann – head chef at the Savoy London)

Jo Fleet, MD, Falt Iron:

Look at what you are good at and always look to improve and keep your focus on simplicity. Do not get distracted and always focus on your core values and never be afraid to try new ideas.

Paul Merrett, chef-director, Jolly Fine Pub Group:

My dad once said to me that I should measure my success by the friends I’ve made, the fun I’ve had and the moments of proud achievement not by the size of a salary. He’s right. I’ve got so many great industry friends, had so many great times and have achieved small successes like a  Michelin Star and Gastro Pub of the Year… I’m not the richest chef on the block but actually I wouldn’t change a thing.

Luisa Fernandez, marketing director, YO!:

A good idea can come from anywhere.

Richard Boon, MD, Hubbox:

Enjoy what you do. Pay your VAT on time. Use the best ingredients / produce you can.

Brian Trollip, operations director, Dishoom:

Always know what’s important to you. If you do that, you’ll never get blown too far off course.

Tim Foster, head of being awesome, Yummy Pub Co:

Never eat yellow snow. There’s been hundreds of nuggets I’ve learnt over the years. The best advice I would give would be our core in Yummy – Putting People First.

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