The Great British Beer Garden, enhancing the Customer Experience

Although only a stones throw from drinking in your own back garden, the Great British Beer Garden has been a stable of the British hospitality industry since it’s inception. As soon as the sun burns through the typically amorphous grey cloud layer, customers of all shapes and sizes fill the outside space of their favourite restaurant or watering hole. But, what makes the formula for a Great Beer Garden? The recipe consists of good weather, atmosphere, a pinch of creative design, and most importantly that key ingredient: the customer experience.

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Allergen Information: Accuracy made simple with getWaiter!

A growing amount of consumers are now looking out for allergen information when eating out. With over 2 million food sensitive people in the UK, this particular customer demand is definitely worth prioritising.

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Allergen Compliance, Minimising the Business Risk

Allergen compliance is one of the key priorities for restaurateurs. Failure to comply with the current Legislation (EU Foods information for consumers regulation no. 1169/2011) is absolute negligence; which may result in severe business liability risks.

Over 2 million people in the UK have a food allergy and an estimated 600,000 have coeliac disease. This means that restaurants must take all the precautions necessary to ensure that their guests do not end up having mild or even severe anaphylactic reactions.

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