The Waiter Calling and Customer Experience Tracking Tool

Top UK's Hospitality Challenges

Once recognized as a “waiter calling and feedback app” now serving the biggest players of the hospitality Industry as “The Waiter Calling and Customer Experience Tracking Tool”.

Since the launch 3 years ago, getWaiter! has continuously been focusing on improving and expanding its current features and capabilities. Whilst the aim remained straight forward the Buzz2Get tool getWaiter! keeps on expanding far and beyond, striving to provide a service which results in improved business performance and therefore increased profitability.

Our Aim is to provide a business changing technology tool that encourages continuous growth within the hospitality industry. A cloud-based solution so EASY and EFFORTLESS to implement designed to keep a close focus on addressing the most relevant issues faced by the Hospitality Industry.

Our Core Value lies solely in listening to our clients. Awareness of their challenges and issues, which need addressing, helps us to develop and therefore provide solutions that match the demand of problems faced within the Hospitality Industry.

And so, open minded, getWaiter! developed a number of modules which, according to our feedback, the hospitality industry requires over the next decade. With that in mind, our system not only provides the necessary features to achieve its basic goals, but is packed with a wealth of data research tools and expertise. Proactively, Geniusin Ltd is capable of working with business’s who are ready to raise standards, raise customer satisfaction and follow a new path to greater success.

We have come a long way

getWaiter! is a much sharper and more sophisticated than it has ever been. Although the basic FREE version of the system remains unchanged, the app itself has become a much more versatile tool, which can be individually tailored to a businesses’ individual requirements. It became apparent from our current clientele that each business strives towards a unique goal and has a particular capability when it comes to handling issues. With this in mind, we have created an app providing a complete package of benefits for the customers and clients alike.

That is not the final STOP

Listing out all of our features is not what customers are after. Explaining the challenges that the app is designed to solve is the way forward. Our new approach focuses on providing guidance and consultation with our clients to define their most important and relevant issues, which can be overcome with the getWaiter! system. Truly; the simplicity of using our user-friendly app has not changed at all, yet the complexity of data analytics and information that it is capable of gathering and transferring into insightful data and valuable information is phenomenal.

Next battle – TOP 5 challenges within the Hospitality Industry 2016

Let’s join forces and become proactive, TOGETHER we can conquer the challenges that stand in our way to the long-term success.

Each table-serving outlet will face a number of individual issues, which require knowledge, time and management to overcome. Luckily for the majority of those places the challenges remain shared across the board. Here is the top 5 that we can all take a fresh look at

Each Top Challenge is directly impacted by a set of sub issues; which directly correlate and therefore impact the level of difficulty faced by the company to overcome it. Throughout November getWaiter! is going to unfold each and every one of those challenges; shining a torch into minor changes and grand solutions which can help revitalize the UK’s Hospitality Businesses.

Each week we will focus on a singular topic; starting with Staff Retention. Become a part of our journey to unfolding challenges which will clear our way to the long term success, stay focused and think – “What will be your tactic on this crucial battleground – staff retention or recruitment?”.