The Great British Beer Garden, enhancing the Customer Experience

The Great British Beer Garden, enhancing the Customer Experience

Although only a stones throw from drinking in your own back garden, the Great British Beer Garden has been a stable of the British hospitality industry since it’s inception. As soon as the sun burns through the typically amorphous grey cloud layer, customers of all shapes and sizes fill the outside space of their favourite restaurant or watering hole. But, what makes the formula for a Great Beer Garden? The recipe consists of good weather, atmosphere, a pinch of creative design, and most importantly that key ingredient: the customer experience.

How to enhance the beer garden experience using getWaiter!

  1. Allow guests to use an innovative and elegant way to discretely call the waiter when they want more drinks, require service or simply want to get the bill. They will feel in control of their experiences, which will lower their service frustrations, especially during busy times when your staff could have overlooked an opportunity to capture that elusive second service.
  1. Provide guests with accurate allergen information by having select menu options free of ingredients they cannot or would prefer not to have. By providing instant customer satisfaction menus you are helping your business to minimize the business risk of allergen negligence.
  1. Give customers the opportunity to leave live feedback at a point of their emotion. By doing so, you will be able to measure and respond to even the smallest performance dips or improvements which will positively impact customer loyalty and support staff retention and reward schemes.
  1. Excite them with a solution that makes their lives easier and keeps them engaged with the current digital trends. Whether it be a family, a group of mates or a guest with a four legged companion getWaiter! can ensure that their own distractions do not get in the way of trying to get your waiter’s attention.

Deploy getWaiter! before the August Bank Holiday and suprise your guests with a dose of fresh customer experiences.

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