The waiter calling and customer feedback tool.

Customer FAQ

How do I get the getWaiter! app?

You can download it for FREE from Apple App Store or Google Play Store with no registration required to use the system.

Do I need internet access to use the app?

You will require either WiFi or Internet access to use the app as it is a cloud based service.

How does the getWaiter! app work?

It utilizes the latest printed square barcodes (referred to as QR codes), which would be displayed normally on the serving tables of the location that is using the system. By scanning the code with the getWaiter! app the waiter will be notified that you have requested their attention, at which table you are sat and how long you have been waiting. The app consists of 4 simple buttons; which allow you to either “call for the waiter”, “get the bill”, “order more drinks” or cancel any of your requests.

How easy is the getWaiter! app to use?

The design team focused on making the app most easy and effortless to use; hence the app is completely user friendly and intuitive. With only 4 simple buttons for the basic service the app is clear and simple.

What can I use the getWaiter app for?

How does the getWaiter! app improve my experience?

The app empowers you to control how and when you wish to get the waiter’s attention. It takes out the frustration associated with catching the waiter’s eye or waiting impatiently for the service whilst in a hurry.

How does the getWaiter! app improve the service I receive?

The benefits of the app are twofold. Firstly, by being able to request service when you need it and not having to find a waiter in the traditional manor (shouting across a crowded restaurant, whistling or waving your arms in the air in the hope that you are seen). Secondly, to be able to leave feedback that the business can use to find out where they excel and find bottlenecks in their service so they can improve their service for their customers.

Will the getWaiter! app make my customer experience impersonal?

Absolutely not. The getWaiter! system sees the waiter as the core of excellent customer service; and it only acts as a joining bridge between the customer and the waiter. The is also extremely personal to the user as it is entirely controlled by their own mobile phones and allows them to control when and how they wish to get the waiter’s attention, without the need to be waiving arms to receive service.

Why would my getWaiter! app pop up with a note that the system is offline when I try to register a request?

This means that the waiter’s in your location have not switched the system on; and therefore none of your requests will go through to the system. There is nothing that the getWaiter! team can do about this; however you can mention it to the waiter when being served.

Does the app stay open whilst I use it for other things such as texting or Internet browsing?

The app will stay open. You only need to scan the code once per hour whilst sat at a table.