The waiter calling and customer experience tracking tool.

Business FAQ

The Benefits of getWaiter! – What’s in it for me?

How can getWaiter! help us improve our current performance?

getWaiter! goes a long way to resolving bottle necks and customer frustration by giving you access to valuable insight data and basic information from which you can monitor, respond and control any service hiccups.

How does getWaiter! benefit my customers?

getWaiter! empowers your customers and increases their likelihood of ordering more food or drinks. It enables them to control how and when they can get the waiter’s attention whilst having the opportunity to leave you valuable instant feedback.

How do we encourage customers to use the getWaiter! app?

getWaiter! helps to increase customer loyalty and profitability whilst ensuring the capture of that elusive second service. Whilst we provide promotional merchandise to inform about the presence of getWaiter! and encourage our business customers to embed our logo into their menus to increase the visibility; your waiting staff will play a crucial part in ensuring that the getWaiter! app is introduced to your customers.

How will my staff know how to use getWaiter!

getWaiter! has been designed to be intuitive. The merchant dashboard looks like a simplified EPOS screen with clear instructions and easy to see icons. The app is incredibly easy and simple to set up and use (it literally takes only a few minutes). The most important thing is to ensure that the waiter station is LOGGED ON every day and that the tablet itself is set to ALWAYS ON so that the screen remains alive and visible. Otherwise your customers will receive an automatic message stating that the system is offline; which is bad for both of our business image. Please visit our support page here for iOS (Apple) devices and here for Android devices.

Our staff get incredibly busy at times and therefore stressed, how can getWaiter! help with that?

getWaiter! not only will show a queue listing of who should be served next, it will also help you manage your staff hours more effectively ensuring a consistent quality customer service. The app is the waiter’s “little helper” whilst empowering the customer and therefore reducing their frustration levels.

Is getWaiter! secure?

The data passed from the app to the cloud service is encrypted using HTTPS standards. The data is held on secure servers within class leading data centers. Access to the data is also via an HTTPS service with additional layers of security and controls placed on system users. The System is absolutely secure.

What happens to all the information and data that getWaiter! collects?

It is stored securely with no information being used or distributed which could compromise your confidentiality.

Setting Up and Configuring getWaiter!

What hardware do I need for the waiter station?

You can use almost any tablet device or a smartphone to run the waiter station. Your device should have an up to date browser and the recommended width of at least 700 pixels. getWaiter! waiter station portal has been optimized to work on a touch screen tablet that is at least 7 inch in size.

Do you have a list of all the compatible devices?

Most tablet devices supplied in 2015 or later will work with our system.

Do I need Internet access?

getWaiter! is a cloud based service, therefore it will only run whilst on continuous access to Internet via WiFi or 3G / 4G.

My tablet keeps on going to sleep, how can I prevent this?

Tablets are designed to be energy efficient and to do this they will go to sleep after a few minutes. You can change the settings on your tablet to disable the sleep timer, to do so please visit our support page here for iOS (Apple) devices and here for Android devices.

I leave the waiter station logged in but once in a while I find it has quit and take me to the desktop. Why is that?

It is unlikely that the getWaiter! website is causing problems with the browser or device. The most likely scenario is that the browser app or the operating system has been updated in the background and has restarted.

How can I make it easy to load the getWaiter! screen when I start up?

We recommend downloading the FREE to use WaiterStation app either via Apple Apps Store or the Google Play Store. There is a standard browser version which you can access however it us much more complex to log into on daily basis due to security reasons. Please visit our Support (please hyperlink Richard) page to access our setup videos.

What type of printer do I need to print the table codes?

A standard printer that is capable of printing A4 or Letter size paper should work. The table codes are in black and blue therefore coloured ink would be ideal however not necessary. Please ensure that when printing the QR codes the scaling is at 100%.

What kind of printing paper should I use?

We recommend standard white printing paper as the table codes come in colour; so that the visibility of the QR code is not jeopardized. You can of course laminate the printed cut out QR codes to make them splash proof, or contact to arrange for a quotation for bespoke tableware.
You can order tableware directly from our online shop. Simply visit with your registered getWaiter! name.

Can I print from a tablet?

At present most codes can be printed from a tablet if you have a compatible printer. For iOS devices this means having an “AirPrint” enabled device (however please visit the Apple app store website for other alternatives available). For Andriod devices you will need to use the Google cloud print service. There are however some apps that allow for both iOS and Android systems that allow printing to non-compatible printers.

How can I order bespoke tableware with getWaiter?

Please email us at to discuss the sort of tableware design you have in mind and we will supply you with a quotation. You can order tableware directly from our online shop. Simply visit with your registered getWaiter! name.

Can I use my own Marketing Agency to design and supply me with tableware for the QR codes?

As long as you incorporate the getWaiter! logo and the QR codes on your chosen tableware you can in fact use your own Marketing Agency. For any clarifications please contact us at .

How do I set up getWaiter! in all my locations and areas like restaurants, bars, hotels?

Quite simply access the settings on your getWaiter! dashboard. There are regular icons there to help you add and manage all of your locations. We are always happy to help you progress, therefore if you would require any help, please contact us at where we respond to all of our enquiries within 48 hours.

I am confused and cannot invest time to setup, what can I do to make this process easier?

Simply contact us at and we will help you get started. Our team is more than happy to assist you with the setup, in fact we can designate a specific member to help you manage your getWaiter! business account.

Using and Managing getWaiter!

Where can I find all of the site ID’s for all my sites?

You can view all your details by clicking on the sites link on your business dashboard. These details are supplied with your welcome email. Please send us an email to if you need a copy of that email.

How do I change the waiting areas from off to online?

You must open the waiter station and leave it visible on the tablet. If it’s not displayed on the screen, or the screen is set on a sleep timer than the service will go offline.

Is the dashboard easy to use?

The system has been designed to be most easy and intuitive to use. However if you have any questions whatsoever or require help with anything our team will be there fore you to make the whole process effortless and relaxing. Please contact us at if you require any further assistance.

How does getWaiter! link to my existing table ordering terminals?

getWaiter! has been designed to be independent of EPOS systems. However, for large scale operators please contact us at .

Can I use my phone as a waiter station?

Yes - you can although the screens are quite small, some waiters choose to wear smartphones on their sleeves using armbands to make them truly mobile. Smartphones will also need to be set to permanently screen ON which reduces battery life.

Can I have the same waiter station open in multiple places?

Yes - you can log any number of devices into the same getWaiter! portal. Please note that when a clear button is pressed on one of those devices , it will also update the other ones within seconds.

Should I provide Wi-Fi to my customers?

We do recommend you offer Wi-Fi, simply because it will make it easier for your customers to use getWaiter! app but also their expectations will be that you do so. Customers that come from overseas especially; may be limited to Internet access based on roaming charges. The app is also compatible with other Wi-Fi only devices such as tablets, therefore providing Wi-Fi will allow for more customers to be able to use the app freely.

Will I know when my waiter station is logged off or is not working?

Absolutely yes, the system will send an automatic message to all of the customers attempting to call for the waiter that the waiter station is currently offline. The site will be notified via email and enter an escalation process so that if it continuous to stay offline the site will be contacted by our customer service team. getWaiter! requires you to be logged on at all times especially when your QR codes are displayed and can be scanned at any point by your customers. If for any reason you cannot use your waiter station you must ensure that all of the QR codes are removed from being available to scan.

Glossary of terms: what do these various getWaiter! terms mean?

Please click here to view a simple explanatory diagram.

Getting the most out of getWaiter!

Can getWaiter! help me increase revenue and profit in my sites?

The system will help you to increase the spend per table as it empowers the customers to get the waiters attention even when they only have a small window of time to order food or drinks or capture that important second service.

Can getWaiter! help me solve minor problems before they potentially turn into complaints?

By allowing the customers to leave instant feedback, your staff has the opportunity to be aware of any dips in performance straight away and therefore act upon them, before minor comments can become reputation-harming complaints.

Can I adapt the getWaiter! feedback questions to our current customer service feedback system?

getWaiter! has the capability of adjusting it’s questions to your own personal requirements to gather feedback most valuable and personalized to your business. Please contact us at to find out more about this opportunity.

Is there any training available with getWaiter!

We currently provide bespoke proposals for training as well as learning and development programmes. We have an extensive suite of training courses including customer services, performance management, supervisory, management and leadership skills. We are also giving companies the opportunity to consult about the most relevant issues in the hospitality industry whilst providing guidance on how getWaiter! can help to overcome them. Please contact us at to find out more about this opportunity.

Can I check what’s going on in all of my sites at once?

To access all of the sites at once, the chosen person must have the administration rights to do so. Senior Managers within large organisations can view all the sites at the same time live as part of the premium service only. Please contact us at for a full run down of premium service features and a cost breakdown.

Can I receive any insight reports with my basic service account?

You will receive a FREE monthly Net Promoter Score (NPS) report emailed to you. However, we recommend that our customers upgrade to our premium service to access insight reports and data. A comprehensive suite of top data analytics enables you to view a live league table ranking of each site by a number of metrics including customer service, food rating and service times. getWaiter! has also the capability to set up promotional advertising for your current offers incorporated into the app or personalized welcome to your returning customers as part of the loyalty programme. Please contact us at for a full run down of premium service features and a cost breakdown.

Can getWaiter! help with my shift patterns, ensuring that I have an adequate number of staff?

There is a direct correlation between wait time and customer satisfaction; which relates to staff hours. You can upgrade to our premium service at any time to obtain the information; which will help you manage your staff rotation most efficiently and effectively. Please contact us at for a full run down of premium service features and a cost breakdown.

How do I ensure that my staff uses the getWaiter! System?

Staff compliance is a key issue to your business benefiting from getWaiter! Staff will benefit from a structured process knowing whom to serve next and get the bill for. This will naturally lead to increased second orders and resulting in higher sales and therefore tips. In addition, it is encouraged that the site or duty manager run a parallel screen showing the waiter station activity so in the initial deployment you can encourage and mentor your staff to reach the maximum effects.

Can I monitor staff compliance?

We can offer a daily shift compliance view – allowing you to see how many customer service requests have not been actioned / closed down during the trading day. You can then build this information into your daily team meeting to encourage compliance and therefore get the most out of the system.