The waiter calling and customer experience tracking tool.

Seven step daily routine

Step 1 - Switch on the system

First of all, switch on your tablet/waiter station at the begining of each day.

Step 2 - Homescreen button

Click on the "home" button at the bottom of your tablet/waiter station.

Step 3 - Waiter station app

Click on the waiter station app. Log in if required.

Step 4 - Ready to use the waiter station

Your screen on the app should not show any waiter requests, if it does, check they are not current and close them down.

Step 5 - Table codes

If your table codes are not permanent, display your table codes in the chosen area.

Step 6 - Introduce getWaiter! to your guests

Inform the guests that they can call for your attention via the app, by scanning the nearest table code.

Step 7 Switch off the system

At the end of each day, collect your table codes if they are not permanent first, then, switch off your tablet/waiter station.

Know your system

As your customers send requests a queue will appear on the waiter station in order, each line will show the following:

  • The guest request
    Call waiter / More drinks / Request bill / feedback
  • Location
    Lounger 95
  • Waiting time
    In minutes, this will turn red if the request is not responded to within the desired response time.
  • View Feedback Button
    Some of your guests may leave you valuable feedback to acknowledge it, click on the “View feedback” button.
  • Close request button
    Click on the "Close request" button before you go to assist the guest.


Important note: Please ensure that your waiter station is always switched on and plugged into the power socket during use otherwise your guests will not be able to call you.

getWaiter! app

What happens if my guests see this on their devices?

This indicates that the waiter station for the area is not switched on and logged in. It is vital that the waiter station(s) are up and running before the guests start to use getWaiter!